Donate To Help Desperate Animals

Two rescued dogs

(Kasper & Juchka in Azerbaijan, year 2021, now living happily in Canada)

GWARP relies solely on donations to treat and rehabilitate the most desperate cases. When they fully recover, they fly abroad to live happy lives. They all deserve better – they deserve dignity, they deserve comfort, they deserve love. Every dollar counts towards this mission. You give $5, they get $5. Please consider donating today.

Sean is a victim of cruel breeding and neglect. At the time of this writing (January 2024), he is 3 months old. Although we wish Sean’s life was different – that he was running, playing with toys and enjoying his puppyhood, we are beyond thankful for his condition today. He’s come such a long way.

Sean is paralyzed. He has a serious case of rickets, a disease that turns puppy bones soft. How did Sean get this way? He was fed a poor diet and ripped away from his mother way too early to be sold off for money. We found Sean next to a dumpster, in the middle of a cold winter. At the time of rescue, Sean had a prolapsed penis from all the dragging, paralyzed back legs, and painful bed sores all over his back.

With your donations, we are able to keep Sean hospitalized and he’s making great strides. His bed sores are healing. With all the strong treatment he’s on, the inflammation reduced and his penis went back to its original place all on its own! This is an enormous victory for little Sean. Sean is likely permanently disabled, but that’s no biggie. He can be fitted with a wheelchair when the time comes.

Your support make a huge difference for animals like Sean. They deserve for someone to fight their life. They deserve this effort and respect. Please consider donating so we can continue this very important daily fight.