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Over 600 dogs reside at GWARP’s shelter in Azerbaijan. Local adoption is nearly impossible, so dogs have no choice but to fly abroad. At this time, GWARP dogs are adoptable to the US, Canada, and some parts of the UK.

If you would like to adopt or foster a dog you saw on social media or on a local website, or want to be matched with someone, please submit an adoption application here and we will contact you.

Occasionally, we also partner with other international rescues to fly dogs from Kuwait, South Korea, and Turkey.

Adoption Application

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Which are you interested in:
Are you open to other dogs?
Are you open to adopting a bonded pair?
What problems are you willing to work with?
If your dog required an emergency life-saving surgery that would cost $5,000-$7,000 with a 50% chance of survival, would you proceed with the surgery?
Does anyone in your household smoke cigarettes and/or marijuana?
Does anyone in your household have asthma or any known allergies to cats or dogs?
Is everyone in your household aware of and agreeable to your interest in adopting and/or fostering a pet?
Do you rent or own?
Residence Type?
Do you have:
What type of yard do you have?
If you have a pool, is it fenced in?
A Home Inspection must be done before an applicant can be approved to adopt/ foster (home checks are non-invasive and are simply done to ensure the applicant was truthful on the application and to ensure the safety of the home where the dog will be staying.)
Upon adopting, a contract that states all rules and guidelines for owner commitment must be signed and initialed completely to finalize the adoption.

Falsified information will lead to automatic rejection of the application. GWARP reserves the right to refuse any applicant without providing reasoning. By electronically signing this application you understand that it is your responsibility to see and evaluate the dog for yourself before agreeing to adoption. The adoption of an animal should not be impulsive, but rather a carefully thought-out decision, which will ensure a life-long, loving relationship.