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Good World Animal Rescue and Protection’s (“GWARP”) is a U.S. 501(c)(3) non-profit organization on mission is to save critically injured animals throughout the Republic of Azerbaijan. We rescue and provide sanctuary to dogfighting survivors, paralyzed, disfigured, blind, abandoned and abused animals. GWARP’s shelter cares for over 600 dogs, over 100 cats, and 15 brown bears. We don’t take the easy road and euthanize severe cases - we fight until there is no more fight left. They only get one life to live. Many times, they survive and go on to live happy lives.

Latest Updates


Sean is Adoptable!

It’s now been a month since we rescued little Sean, and he has come such a long way! The chances of Sean surviving when we first saw him were slim. But Sean showed everyone. With an intensive treatment plan including high quality nutritious meals, Sean got stronger. He got so strong that his prolapsed organ naturally went back in place without surgery, which is an incredible result. The many bed sores on his back are almost all healed. Daily IV fluids and medications are still being administered to get Sean to his best state. Due to reckless breeding and not getting enough nutrients by his previous "family," Sean’s small bones went soft and deformed, so he can’t use his back legs. Sean will likely always be special needs, and that’s ok. All he needs is a loving family and a wheelchair to go on walks. To adopt Sean, please submit an application here: Don’t let him sit in the shelter for longer than he has to.

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Making a Difference with Brigitte Bardot in Azerbaijan!

In October 2023, we collaborated with the Brigitte Bardot Foundation on a spay and neuter campaign for stray animals in Azerbaijan. A total of 589 stray cats and 539 stray dogs were sterilized during their ten day visit, marking a significant step towards humanely controlling the stray animal population in the country. We are optimistic about the impact of such projects and hopeful for more initiatives like this in the future.

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Fifteen Cats Flew to the US!

We are happy to share that 15 cats touched down in Chicago last month from Azerbaijan! THANK YOU to everyone who texted, called, and emailed to foster. With the community’s support, all 15 cats boarded the plane. No one was left behind. Some have already been adopted, while some are still available. All survivors of abuse, they are now settled into their adoptive and foster homes. Please reach out to be matched with your new BFF. Each cat is microchipped, neutered/spayed, and fully vaccinated. Out-of-state adoption is available. Please email us at or fill out a cat adoption application on

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GWARP's Work in Action

From Azerbaijan to New York

11 GWARP dogs have successfully left the shelter in Azerbaijan and touched down in New York this August 🎉 Their lives are now overflowing with love and care as they settle into their adoptive and foster homes. Some waited patiently for years, and now their tails are wagging with pure joy!


One of GWARP’s biggest highs of year 2022 is Tom - after almost two years of recovering and waiting, he made it to USA 🇺🇸 He rang in the New Year 🥂 in Kentucky, with Tiffany & family. THANK YOU to everyone who made his recovery & freedom flight possible. Please enjoy this short reel of his very long journey from Azerbaijan to Chicago to Kentucky ❤️

Luke is Discharged from the Hospital!

Luke has been discharged from the hospital. It’s been a very long journey for this special boy. It took us three surgeries to fix what koalavet did to him. He lost his front legs due to their negligence.


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Fifteen Bears Rescued

GWARP cares for 15 brown bears that were all rescued from illegal or abusive situations. They are currently eight brown bears that are imprisoned outside a restaurant in tiny cages for almost two decades which all need to be desperately rescued.

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Tommy’s appearance has us speechless. Absolutely speechless. We don't know why people did this...we don't know who did this...but the damage they left behind is almost too much for us to bear.

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We are happy to report that five dogs were adopted locally in Azerbaijan this month. This is great news as they don't have to make the long trip abroad to find a home. Their happy lives start now!

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Bridget & Lizzy are on their way to New York. Here they are at the airport, completely unaware of the beautiful life that awaits them. Bridget has no back legs. Lizzy has one eye left and a surgically repaired jaw. All consequences of being strays on the streets of Azerbaijan.


Chip, Nora, and Matthew are on their way to Canada where their new families eagerly await them. It's very long trip but so worth it. They never have to know the shelter life again.