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Good World Animal Rescue and Protection’s (“GWARP”) is a U.S. 501(c)(3) non-profit organization on mission is to save critically injured animals throughout the Republic of Azerbaijan. We rescue and provide sanctuary to dogfighting survivors, paralyzed, disfigured, blind, abandoned and abused animals. GWARP’s shelter cares for over 600 dogs, over 100 cats, and 15 brown bears. We don’t take the easy road and euthanize severe cases - we fight until there is no more fight left. They only get one life to live. Many times, they survive and go on to live happy lives.

Latest Updates


Before & After: Milton’s Incredible Transformation!

Five months ago, we rescued Milton from the streets in a horrible condition, starved, dehydrated, with little hair left and wounds all over his body. Milton was not born a stray. Rather, he was purchased from a husky breeder with the implied promise of a decent life. But the family had no intention of ever caring for him and kept him tied up and neglected in their yard and then put him out on the street like unwanted furniture. It was a very long, complicated journey, but together we made the impossible POSSIBLE and healed Milton!  Today, Milton is nothing like his sad past. He’s a fluffy, silky bundle of joy. Look how happy and radiant he is at the shelter and just imagine what he will look like in a real home! This is a one-in-a-million dog, resilient, affectionate, and easy-going. He’s so ready, and we have no doubt he’ll make his future family the happiest people in the world!  Don’t delay and apply at or email to adopt this special, gorgeous boy. THANK YOU to everyone who donated to Milton’s hospitalization and treatment. Your kindness has made this beautiful transformation possible!

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Mission 2 Completed with Four Paws

We are happy to report that nine bears were treated during FOUR Paws' second visit to Azerbaijan last month. Dunbar, our blind bear with one of the most heartbreaking stories, underwent surgery again. During the first mission in November, an examination revealed that Dunbar had been suffering from a painful toothache for many years. The infection from his bad tooth spread to his ear and eyes, causing his ear to flop and rendering both eyes blind. Doctors extracted the bad teeth, neutered, and vaccinated him. In this second mission, Dunbar was put under anesthesia again to amputate his infected eye. Masha and her cubs were also examined. They were spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and Masha had her bad teeth extracted. The five bears living in a restaurant's yard on hotel property required multiple teeth extractions. One bear turned out to be blind, and a bear we named Afina had a large mammary (breast) tumor removed during the mission. It's painful to think how much longer they would have suffered if FOUR Paws had never come to Azerbaijan. Please stay tuned for major updates on the bears. Some have been selected to be relocated to sanctuaries abroad.

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A Special Family for Special Bridget! 

Bridget suffered lots as a stray in Azerbaijan. She was abused and left paralyzed. Both back legs caught infections from all the dragging and had to be amputated. In October 2023, we flew bipod Bridget to the US for a brand new life. A family experienced with special-needs animals welcomed Bridget home for fostering.  Many people inquired about Bridget, but no one adopted her. She was looked at as too much of a challenge - her bladder must be expressed, she wears diapers, and has to use a wheelchair for walks. Last month, Bridget’s (and ours) wish came true. She never has to leave her foster family as they are now her real family. Bridget is officially adopted!!!! Bridget got exactly what she always wanted - a large family that ADORES her and gives her so much attention. Never once did Bridget’s family complain about all the care she needs. It took special people to accept special Bridget as she is.

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GWARP's Work in Action

From Azerbaijan to New York

11 GWARP dogs have successfully left the shelter in Azerbaijan and touched down in New York this August 🎉 Their lives are now overflowing with love and care as they settle into their adoptive and foster homes. Some waited patiently for years, and now their tails are wagging with pure joy!


One of GWARP’s biggest highs of year 2022 is Tom - after almost two years of recovering and waiting, he made it to USA 🇺🇸 He rang in the New Year 🥂 in Kentucky, with Tiffany & family. THANK YOU to everyone who made his recovery & freedom flight possible. Please enjoy this short reel of his very long journey from Azerbaijan to Chicago to Kentucky ❤️

Luke is Discharged from the Hospital!

Luke has been discharged from the hospital. It’s been a very long journey for this special boy. It took us three surgeries to fix what koalavet did to him. He lost his front legs due to their negligence.


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Fifteen Bears Rescued

GWARP cares for 15 brown bears that were all rescued from illegal or abusive situations. They are currently eight brown bears that are imprisoned outside a restaurant in tiny cages for almost two decades which all need to be desperately rescued.

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Tommy’s appearance has us speechless. Absolutely speechless. We don't know why people did this...we don't know who did this...but the damage they left behind is almost too much for us to bear.

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We are happy to report that five dogs were adopted locally in Azerbaijan this month. This is great news as they don't have to make the long trip abroad to find a home. Their happy lives start now!

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Bridget & Lizzy are on their way to New York. Here they are at the airport, completely unaware of the beautiful life that awaits them. Bridget has no back legs. Lizzy has one eye left and a surgically repaired jaw. All consequences of being strays on the streets of Azerbaijan.


Chip, Nora, and Matthew are on their way to Canada where their new families eagerly await them. It's very long trip but so worth it. They never have to know the shelter life again.