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These innocent, sweet puppies were born to a mother that was chained and beaten during her pregnancy by her owner. This pair sustained major trauma in the womb and were born blind because of the abuse. Their siblings were sold off to families or other breeders but because of their condition, they were left behind and overlooked by everyone.  

There are no veterinarians in Azerbaijan who are able to perform an eye surgery of this extent.  The only option is to fly them to Moscow for consultation and surgery. Flying them to US for eye surgery will cost a fortune, so Moscow is the next best thing.  Without this surgery to remove the displaced lenses, they will continue to remain blind.  

Despite their everyday darkness, Jack & Jill are so happy to be a part of this world and to share it with each other.  They deserve to be able to look each other in the eye for once.  

They are both now hospitalized for anemia and an intestinal infection. Help is VERY much needed for their hospital stay, flight and eye surgery.  

Their sad mother was beaten, and they have paid the price with their vision.  Please consider helping them see the world around them. When fully healed, they will fly abroad to find their forever family.  Adoption in Azerbaijan is practically non-existent and too much of a risk for recurring abuse.  

After back and forth negotiations with the owner, he has agreed to sell their abused mother and father to us.  Their buy-out is underway.   

Any and all donations are appreciated.  

Good World Animal Rescue and Protection (GWARP) is a U.S. registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization on a mission to save the most desperate animals throughout the Republic of Azerbaijan (former Soviet Union).   

Our shelter in Baku, Azerbaijan, is a safe haven to abuse victims, dog fighting survivors, paraplegics, disabled, and blind animals. Some will never make it out of our shelter, but most are rehabilitated and are able to fly abroad to US, UK and Canada for adoption.     

Some of the animals rescued by GWARP, in addition to dogs and cats, have included a donkey named Oscar, a horse, two owls, a raccoon, and twenty bears.  

We also partner with various non-profit organizations around the world to collectively better the lives of animals. 

Good World Animal Rescue and Protection (“GWARP”) is a U.S. registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a shelter in the Republic of Azerbaijan.